IASTM Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization

I use two form of scraping therapy that pull toxins from the muscle tissue. Tradition plastic tools, Gua Sha, and is use cups in a friction back and forth that does the same thing. With multiple way to cleaning up your muscle tissue I can find the modality that your body likes the best.

Gua Sha

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I perform Gua Sha, some folks may have had Grastons done, which is the same concept. This is very effective when pain relief is the main goal or for chronic or acute injuries depending.

  • Tendons. Fix snapping and hard tendons.
  • Soft Tissue Pull out all the waste products.
  • Massage Follow with massage for a better result.

Cupping if just fantastic and surprisingly can used as a form of IASTM. With quick and back forth motions you can not also pull out toxins but saturate the muscle area with blood flow. I generally use this on muscle tissue.

  • Soft Tissue. Loosen and improve muscle tissue
  • Combine With active movements and increase ROM.
  • IASTM Gua Sha
  • Sports Cupping