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Why do my muscles hurt? There could be a variety of reasons specific to you but generally muscle pain boils down to injured soft tissue. Injured soft tissue loses elasticity and instead of your tissue being soft and pliable it becomes harder and harder and your body mechanics become compromised. Lactic acid is our body’s way of letting us know that our muscles are getting tired and need to rest. The more fibers you have compromised the less strength you have and the quicker your muscles break down.

Relaxation Massage

A heated table, organic oils, and medium to to light pressure I am able to turn your stress into relaxation so you feel renewed.

  • Swedish relaxing strokes
  • Peppermint Lotion foot lotion
  • Scalp Massage If requested
  • Heated Table Feature
  • RockSauce Pain Reliever

Rehab Massage

With the right tools and the right technique expect results; your pain is reduced, your flexibility increases, through proven techniques.

  • Everything in Relax PLUS
  • IASTM Instrument Assisted Friction
  • Rehab Masssage Active Release
  • DT Massage
  • Sports Cupping

Rehab Services


The only KT Tape that works with RockSauce for an solid treatment for pain and to let your injury heal more even after the massage.


AirRelax used by professional sports teams to clean out the muscle tissue in just 15 minutes. A must to combine with your massage.

Sports Cupping

A take on traditional cupping. Adds active stretching unwinding fascia with almost immediate positive effects.


Based on ancient Chinese scraping, or friction therapy. Pulls toxins from the muscle tissue leaving you with noticeably less muscle tension.

Important Information


Gary Szolnoki LMT, Owner

In 2013 I was involved in a car accident and I was so impressed with the subsequent treatment I received I decided to change my career and become a massage therapist. As a amateur athlete logging in 50 miles a week I went from constantly in pain to hardly any pain. After my treatment I was better than preaccident. My recovery went better; I simply felt better at work and when I was exercising. To this day after 15 years I get a massage once a month and so should you.


All first time insurance appointments must be made over the phone and I must verify your insurance before you come in. I accept the following:

BCBS, Moda, Providence, Cigna, Kaiser


If you get into a car accident, an MVA, it’s important to get checked out by your doctor and get a prescription for massage. Ask for one. As part of Oregon state law your massages are covered under PIP. To get this coverage you need a scrip.

If you don’t get treated after a car accident the pain can come back back months later often much worse than if you first had it treated.

Forms of Payment

With COVID you will be able to pay for your appointment beforehand or leave a credit card on file. I do accept MC, VISA, AMEX, Google Pay, and Apple Pay, and Venmo.